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Application for Inclusion of Notified Body Data on a Boat’s IRC Certificate The inclusion on a boat’s IRC certificate of ISO STIX, AVS and ISO Design Category is free of charge when applied for at the time of IRC initial application or annual revalidation. At any other time the appropriate fee for an amended certificate should be included. Data will be shown on a boat’s certificate as ISO STIX, AVS, and ISO Category. All of the information below must be provided. The RORC Rating Office will NOT accept and use incomplete data. Data shall clearly identify which model/version of a design it is applicable to. In cases of doubt, data will not be shown on IRC certificates until the doubt is resolved Data shall be supplied in a form and from a source which enables the RORC Rating Office to have confidence that it genuinely emanates originally from a Notified Body. Please also include copies of relevant Notified Body certificates.

Section A – Data Source of Information (Builder/Notified Body, etc): Pierre GAINZA ( Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design 3bis Avenue, des Amériques, 17000 La Rochelle France. Tel : +33 5 46 45 79 79

Boat design Type: Wauquiez Centurion

Model/Version: …45S

LOA: …13.72 m

Draft: …2.5m (standard deep draft lead keel)

Name of Notified Body: ICNN in france

Date of Assessment: 26th, Sept, 2002

Assessment Modules(s)used: ISO/FDIS 12217-2 : 2001 (F)

STIX: ………44.71

AVS: ………133.7 degree…………

Design Category: …A… Section B –

Declaration To be completed by the individual or organisation submitting the data above. I/we confirm that to the best of our knowledge the above information is correct. If any errors or omissions are found, I/we will promptly advise the RORC Rating Office. I enclose the appropriate fee (if applicable).


Boat design categories as defined by Institute Recreational Craft

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Boat design categories as defined by Institute Recreational Craft:

Design Category
Wind Force
Beaufort Scale (knots)
Significant Wave Height
in meters (feet)
A – “Ocean" exceeding 8 (over 40 kts.) exceeding 4 (over 13 ft.)
B – “Offshore" up to and including 8 (34-40 kts.) up to and including 4 (13 ft.)
C – “Inshore" up to and including 6 (22-27 kts.) up to and including 2 (6.5 ft.)
D – “Sheltered waters" up to and including 4 (11-16 kts.) up to and including 0.5 (1.5 ft.)
A. OCEAN: Designed for extended voyages where conditions may exceed wind force 8 (Beaufort scale) and significant wave heights of 4 meters and above, and vessels largely self-sufficient.

Four Peak Race 2010

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4 Peak Race

Map your trip with EveryTrail

Dutch artist Bert Otto’s Maritime paintings

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Downwind Junk

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Photography by Karsten Petersen 


Three masted fishing junk

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3 masted junk

Nina and Pinta racing home 1493 by Geoff Hunt

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Gale Come on

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“YELLOW 海军上将”是小说《怒海争锋》(Master and Commander)的第18本,描写杰克·奥布里船长离开海洋来到陆地上的生活,与海洋的广博、宏大和真诚的情况不同,到了陆地上以后,船长必须面对繁 杂而局促的人际关系和意想不到的曲折前途。杰夫.亨特的这幅名画,充满了船长对昔日辉煌的留恋和对未知将来的忧心,告别强大的舰队,一叶扁舟驶向远 方……

《怒海争锋》(Master and Commander)是英国小说家派特里克·欧布莱恩(Patrick O’Brian)的畅销航海小说,欧布莱恩从1969年开始创作这套系列小说,主要描写了19世纪初拿破伦战争时,杰克·奥布里船长和船上的外科医生斯蒂 芬·马图林(同时也是特工)所进行的航海冒险故事,这套小说总共20卷,在西方相当流行。欧布莱恩于2000年1月去世,享年85岁,在全世界他拥有众多 读者。

Mumm 30 vs Wauquiez Centurion 45s

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Power of Mumm 30 vs Wauquiez Centurion 45S
Force generated by the sail  proportionates to the sail area.  Larger boat has larger sail and heavier mass. Power/ mass is a parameter to compare power of different boat.
Suppose two boat generate same force/ unit sail area although the sail configuration differ.
Area of Mumm 30 sail are= 27.44+ 19.37 meter2=46.8 m2
mass of Mumm 30=1950 kg A/m=0.024
Area of sail Of Centurion 45s=115 m2
Mass=10500 kg A/m=0.011

Conclusion: Mumm 30 should be faster than Centurion 45S

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