Right of way in boating

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Rules of the Road: Right of Way (page 67) A boat having the right of way to pass ahead of another boat is called “privileged.” A boat surrendering her right of way to pass ahead of another boat is called “burdened.” The burdened boat must take action to avoid collision with the privileged boat. Three occasions involve rights of way: Meeting, Crossing, and Overtaking. 1. Boats Meeting – A power boat meeting another power boat head-on must pass port-to-port, that is, red light to red light to avoid risk of collision, while maintaining direction and speed. If they are separated far enough, they may pass starboard to starboard or green light to green light. 2. Boats Crossing – A power boat crossing the path of another power boat must surrender right of way to the boat approaching on her right or starboard side. The first boat shows her green starboard light indicating a “go” zone to the boat on her right which is showing her red port light indicating a “danger” zone. The first boat must slow her speed, stop, reverse, or turn away from the second boat to avoid collision. 3. Boats Overtaking – A power boat overtaking another power boat is the “burdened” boat and must take evasive action keeping clear astern of the “privileged” boat to avoid collision. If there is room the overtaking boat may pass to port of the “privileged” boat and call out “passing to port.” 4. Power Boats and Sailboats – A sailboat meeting or crossing a powerboat has the right of way due to the fact that managing sails, wind and rudder to change direction or speed takes more time and is more difficult than a powerboat’s time to change direction or speed. However, if a sailboat is overtaking a slower powerboat then the powerboat is the privileged boat, has the right of way, and the sailboat is the burdened boat and must keep clear in passing or astern


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