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The problem was that Asus had not only adopted Windows and jettisoned Linux (which I knew), but the computer didn’t even come with the free services that came with the $199 model. I know there are millions who love Windows. That is their human right. But it fails completely – for me – on usability. So, the Seashell ends up not as a next-generation netbook, but as a Microsoft-occupied computer and all the simplicity of the earlier Asus machines has gone out of the Windows. Every time I open it, I am assailed with stuff I don’t want – Windows Live this, Norton that, Phishing this, Works that – with no obvious way of switching some of them off. When I simply wanted to write a note there was no Open Office and when I tried Word in Microsoft Works it kept asking me to sign up for another 45 days (or whatever) after inputting a key number I was supposed to have but didn’t.

How did this happen? There are various versions. One is that Microsoft suddenly woke up to a serious threat to its market share and became Microhard. It gave Asus a package it couldn’t refuse – a cheap version of Windows as long as it tossed the upstart Linux overboard. True or not, Asus has changed from being a successful proponent of Linux to an evangelist for Windows. The second version is that Asus, seeking a cheap web book to sell globally, used free Linux as a lever to force Microsoft to give it a cheap deal it wouldn’t otherwise have got. A third version is that Linux wasn’t yet up to the job as there were so many different versions and users had difficulty linking with devices such as printers. This theory was given support when Wal-Mart dropped the Taiwanese $199 Green gPC because of poor sales. But it doesn’t explain why the Linux Asus Eee PC was such a roaring success.


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