HSBC HSBC axes 1,200 UK jobs

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Banking giant HSBC said today that 1,200 of its UK staff face potential redundancy following a review of the business. The firm, which employs around 58,000 people in the UK, said the cuts would hit backroom areas, with the majority in processing and operations, as well as finance, human resources and information technology. Customer service staff in HSBC branches will not be affected. The job losses are spread across the UK, though the worst affected areas are Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, Newport in Wales and Leeds. “The operating environment for banks in the UK is extremely challenging and will remain so for some time," said HSBC’s UK managing director Paul Thurston. “A strong, well-capitalised and profitable bank like HSBC can stay open for business, respond to the changing needs of its customers and continue to serve them even when times are tough. But there are difficult decisions that have to be made as we adapt to a new environment and ensure we are well positioned for the future." HSBC is closing an operations centre in Leamington Spa, leading to 280 redundancies there, although 200 jobs will move to Southampton where the bank is creating a “centre of excellence". A call centre in Newport is also being shut, with the loss of 90 jobs. In Leeds, 70 people in call centre and HR roles face redundancy. HSBC said it is briefing affected staff today and will try to help them find alternative employment either within the bank or externally. It is one of the only UK high street banks that has not been forced to take taxpayers’ money. However, it is raising money from shareholders through a record-breaking £12.5bn cash call. The bank had to admit recently that it had lost the entire $15bn (£10.3bn) it had spent on its “catastrophic investment" in the US sub-prime mortgage market.


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