Manila to Baguio by luxury coach

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Victory Liner Station

Victory Liner Station

Manila to Baguio by luxury coach – the deluxe coach January 23rd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment The most comfortable coach available from Manila to Baguio is Victory Liner’s Luxury Coach, otherwise known as the DeLuxe bus. Here are the useful facts: * The coach departs from the Victory Liner terminal in Pasay (Manila). * The Deluxe bus is equipped with 29 seats, 3 seats a row (2 on one side, a single on the other). * The seats recline and they are quite comfortable. * Normally the journey takes approximately 5 hours (more if you are traveling during rush hour through Manila). Other coaches (the regular, non-deluxe ones) take around 7-8 hours. * A small bottle of water and a small packet of biscuits are provided for the trip. Plus, there is normally an attractive Filipina hostess. If you are lucky, she will smile at you. * All luxury coaches feature two television sets, one in front and the other in the middle. Listening to the film is compulsory as there are loud speakers all around to ensure most people can hear the film. * The coach usually stops once but this is not for your convenience. This is so the driver can have a quick break, normally for a cigarette and a pee. The coach stops quickly by the side of the road. * Most deluxe buses have a toilet at the back (I’ve never experienced one that has not but according to the officials at the Victory Liner Office, some do not have a toilet). * The latter (without toilet) is actually cheaper by Php 60 compared to the first (prices below). * Travelers can reserve a seat in advance but not earlier than one week before the date they plan to travel. * The schedule is as follows: Manila (Pasay) to Baguio: Baguio to Manila (Pasay): 1:30 am (so 1 hr 30 after midnight) 12:15 am (so 15 minutes after midnight) 11:15 am (late morning) 10:15 am 11:45 pm (15minutes before midnight) 11:15 am 1:15 pm 10:15 pm 11:15 pm (45minutes before midnight) * Fares are as follows: With toilet (comfort room) Without toilet (comfort room) Pesos 710 Pesos 650 Pesos Approx US $ (at 48 Pesos per US$) US $ 15 US $ 13.50 Notes: * The only way to get more comfort is to use a private plane or a private car. * If you know about other luxury coaches other than the Victory Liner please use the Contact form. * Fares correct as at 27 November 2008 per the Victory Liner office. * For more inquiries, call their Pasay Office at 02-833-5019 to 20 and their Baguio office at 074-619-00-00.


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  1. We had a very good trip on the delux bus from baguio to manila, superb as if your on a bussines class on the plane its woth the money you apid.
    Now the normal bus from cubao to baguio was not that pleasant at all with the mmany stops and small seats .
    anyway can someone help me – there is a motel/hotel in the victory liner in cubao can someone tell me the name so we can book our accomodation for the night for our trip again via victory liner for next day.
    also is there a bus going to nueva ecija?


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