Lakhuri Bhanjyang, Nepal

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Day 06 – The trail moves towards Lakuri Bhanjyang(2000m) through emerald rice field, passing by villages that still have not yet been touched by modernization. From Lamatar ascend up to Lakuri Bhanjyang. Lakhuri Bhanjyang lies perched atop the pristine hill of Pokhari Thumko Located at an altitude of 2000 m, this vantage point commands the panoramic views of the snowy mountain peaks. O/n Lakuri Bhanjyang.(6hrs)

Day 07 – Excursion around Lakuri Bhanjyang. Overlooking the wide spectrum of the Himalayan range and the broad expanse of the Kathmandu valley, The northern horizon is an ideal location to watch spectacular views of sunset and sunrise. After Dusk, a myriad of shimmering lights far below in the cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur glow to reveal yet another delightful feast for the eyes. O /n Lakuri Bhanjyang. (4/5hrs)

The lush temperate and tranquil beauty of south east Kathmandu Valley is home to Summit Village Lodge, that lies perched at Risal Danda just below Lakhuri Bhanjyang.The lodge is centered around a traditional Nepali house and overlooking a spectacular vista of the snowcapped mountains present some breathtaking views. Walks to nearby villages across lush verdant hills and experience the local culture at its best.


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