China jails activist for ‘subversion’ 胡佳被判囚

四月 3, 2008 at 23:21 | 張貼於China | 發表留言
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China faced international condemnation on a new front yesterday after jailing its most prominent young human rights activist for three-and-a-half years.

Hu Jia, 34, was sentenced for inciting subversion after a one-day trial in which he was accused of criticising the ruling Communist Party.

Human rights groups say the party was determined to deal with Mr Hu in advance of the Beijing Olympics because of his ability to bring international attention to a range of sensitive causes. The court said that Mr Hu had received a lenient sentence because he had “confessed", but the EU and the US both immediately condemned the trial."In this Olympic year, we urge China to seize the opportunity to put its best face forward and take steps to improve its record on human rights and religious freedom," said a statement from the US embassy in Beijing.

Mr Hu first became active politically on environmental issues, a relatively safe area.

But he came to the attention of police when he began to campaign for the rights of people with HIV-Aids, and to expose its spread in China, which was covered up for several years.

【明報專訊】中國進入奧運年,奧運聖火在全球傳遞之時,胡佳卻被判囚,美國駐華使館發言人昨日稱判決是一個「錯誤」,歐盟呼籲立即釋放胡佳。之前因向中國當局提供證據,而導致異見人士師濤入獄的雅虎公司,則於前日成立基金,幫助中國的「網絡異見人士」。雅虎補鑊 基金助異見人士

美國駐華使館發言人史提芬遜稱對判決感到「沮喪」,表示已經要求中國政府改善人權及宗教自由。在京的歐盟發言人芬格里頓亦要求「立即釋放胡佳」,認為胡佳根本不應被拘捕,他說, 中國聲稱要遵守聯合國的《公民政治權利公約》,胡佳只是和平表達意見卻遭起訴,有違公約精神。



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