МиГ-15 А.И.Микояна и М.И.Гуревича.

三月 6, 2008 at 21:12 | 張貼於МиГ-15 | 發表留言

From the jet fighters in a mass series was constructed MiG-15 A.I.Mikoyana and M.I.Gurevicha. This aircraft had wing with the sweepback of 35 degrees, three-strut landing gear with the nose wheel, airtight cockpit and catapult armchair of pilot. Armament – one gun of the caliber of 37 mm and two – the caliber of 23 mm. takeoff mass – about 4800 kg, speed – to 1050 km/h, ceiling – 15 200 m, flying range – 1400 km, and with suspension tanks – more than 1900 km aircraft MiG-15 obtained the baptism of fire during the war in Korea (1950-1953), where they showed their superiority over the American destroyers of the same class F -86 “Sabre".


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