Safety and Sea Survival Course

二月 4, 2008 at 13:39 | 張貼於sailing, sea survival | 發表留言


Course Syllabus

Preparation for Sea Survival
Survival, difficulties & requirements
Equipment available
Training drills
Actions prior to abandonment.

Principles of Survival
Protection in both hot and cold conditions
Water rationing and collection
Food Rationing

Survival craft ailments

Lifejackets & Liferafts
Lifejacket: – design, construction, wearing and use
Safety Harness: – design and use
Liferafts: – standards, design, launching, equipment
Actions taken whilst in liferaft.

Search & Rescue
Rescue by helicopter or vessel
Role of Coastguard
UK and International SAR Organisations
Other services

Practical Wet Drill
Liferaft launching, boarding
Survival whilst in water
Capsize drill
Final abandonment


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