CPI data Released on 11/15/07 For Oct 2007

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Released on 11/15/07 For Oct 2007

CPI – M/M change
Actual 0.3%
Consensus 0.3%
Consensus Range 0.2% to 0.4%
Previous 0.3 %
CPI less food & energy – M/M change
Actual 0.2%
Consensus 0.2%
Consensus Range 0.1% to 0.2%
Previous 0.2 %


[Chart] It is always a good idea to look at more than a few months of data to get a sense of changes in established trends. Monthly changes in the CPI are mainly volatile because of sharp fluctuations in food and energy prices. The core CPI eliminates the sharper fluctuations.

[Chart] Yearly changes tend to smooth out more severe monthly fluctuations and give a better idea of the underlying rate of inflation. Even with the smoother trend, note that the core CPI does not fluctuate as much as the total CPI.

Data Source: Haver Analytics


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