A gift of MiG 15 to USAF

十月 29, 2007 at 18:58 | 張貼於Korean War | 發表留言


This first flight occurred soon after the conclusion of truce, on 21 September, 1953, when the Lieutenant OF VVS OF PDRK – PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF KOREA but Kym- juice ran to Seoul on his MiG-15. For the American reconnaissance his appearance became the present gift: mikoyanovskiy MIG-15 was then one of the best destroyers of peace, and for the first time this machine it fell into the hands of the American specialists of that not injured. Itself but Kym- juice obtained 100.000 dollars (astronomical sum, taking into account inflation equivalent to several of present million dollars) and American citizenships. It it used, having immediately moved in THE USA to the residence. In the course of time but the Kym- juice became noticeable aeronautical engineer, it taught at the university, now it left to the pension.


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