Flow Vizualization by Condensation

十月 11, 2007 at 21:36 | 張貼於fluid dynamic | 發表留言

Gallery of Fluid Mechanics: Flow Vizualization by Condensation: “The forces generated by a particular flow are very often the most important quantity of practical interest but usually remain ‘hidden’ without pressure gauges and other instrumentation. However, the condensation of ambient water vapor can be used to identify and observe regions of low pressure generated in many important air flows. While such condensation is somewhat rare, it is naturally occurring, i.e., no man-made instrumentation is required, can be directly related to the physics, and is aesthetically appealing. The physical mechanism leading to condensation (in typical airflows) is always caused by a significant lowering of the air pressure and therefore the temperature of the air and any water vapor present in the air. If the ambient air is sufficiently humid, , the drop in the temperature is enough to place the water vapor in the two-phase regime resulting in the formation of a cloud. Condensation clouds can be generated in a number of specific situations. Each visualizes a different physical (flow) effect. A brief discussion of a few of the most common situations are found at the links below:


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