Origins of German jet power

九月 16, 2007 at 08:33 | 張貼於aeroplane, jet | 發表留言

Origins of German jet power: “HeS 3B July of 1939 saw the first flight tests, using an He 118, of von Ohain’s HeS 3B centrifugal turbojet.
HeS 3B Cutaway view of the Heinkel HeS 3B in the Deutsches Museum. Picture shows a rebuilt example after the war. HeS 3B In 1939 the HeS 3B produced a thrust of 450 – 500 kp. The axial low-pressure compressor had eight blades while the centrifugal-flow compressor had 16. He 178 A second HeS 3B was fitted to the He 178 prototype which made the first true purely on turbojet power on august 27, 1939.
Although no spectacular performer, the succes of the He 178 made an enormous impact on the RLM and swelled the ranks of jet aircraft protagonists. Video First flight of the He-178 (6.6Mb).


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